Thursday, April 10, 2014

Danger In Our Children's Schools

Danger In Our Children's Schools
Here's the deal people. I have read so many comments lately about the latest school violence/mass stabbing in PA. So many people are complaining about knifes are probably going to be banded...yadda, yadda, yadda..... Get the picture people! KNIFES and GUNS are not allowed on school properties -.- DUH! That is already a LAW! It's not the problem. The root of the problem needs to be handled, not the weapon of choose.
The attacker was a loner and never caused problems till now. So what triggered him?!?! That is the root of the problem. Stop blaming weapons and parents, start finding out what is causing our future to turn against themselves.
Another thing that bothers me. After all of these schools having shootings and stabbings going on....Why aren't all schools adding metal detectors? Ok, I get it, money or even time consuming? When it comes to our future does any of that really matter???
Another issue, bullying, yes it's real and some students can't handle it. They bottle up their emotions and then WHAM! Here we are...dealing with another outcry for help in the form of violence. Not saying this is what happened this time, but it has happened. People are saying counselors should help more, yes agreed, but us parents can be counselors or help or children to find someone who can counsel them when they need it (family or friend or they trust and don't mind opening up to).
Look my 16yr old is now being homeschooled because of bullying -.- It's real! I heard her outcries in the form of a straight A student begging not to go to school. Do you hear your kids when they are trying to tell you something? They don't always tell you straight out what is going on. They WILL act out more or even bottle themselves up. Start questioning them. Not in a parenting way but a friendly way. Ask them how their school day went, ask if they are having any problems in school. Talk to them!
I am taking the step on deciding whether or not I wish to all my 10 yr old to continue in public school or put him in home schooling as well. And my 4 yr old, she hasn't started school yet.....but my mind is not made up on what to do just yet. I do know one thing.....Something everyone should think about as well as school staff members. I am going to be looking up self defense lessons to teach my children. So that I KNOW in my heart and mind, I have giving them the best chance they have to be safe when stepping into a setting that could turn deadly. I am not saying, teach your kids to kick ass. I am just saying. I want my children to know how to disarm an attacker if one arises.
This is just my own person opinions. Do not take this as me telling everybody what to do. I am not God, I make mistakes just as much as everybody else. But I am scared for my children's futures. For them I will do anything I can. Keeping them safe is my main wish.

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