Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes :)

1. Bus Driver Saves 11 Kid's :)
2. Man Steps In to Help Another (while he continues to eat his snack ;) )
3. Fifteen-year-old Guo Xiaoqi pulled her friend from the path of a speeding car only to be struck herself.
4. 12-year-old boy saves brother's life.
5. 9 Year Old Girl Nearly Dies Trying To Save Her Sister (Losing A Leg, Broken Neck More)
6. Friends of a 15-year-old who was shot to death in Indian Trail said the teenager died saving a toddler's life.
7. Man lifts car off 3-year-old child.
8. Teen rescues drowning baby.
9. A man saves the lives of two kids but doesn't survive himself.
10. Soldier Gives Life to Save Girl !!
11. 7th Grader Hero Saves Bus Driver and Passengers!
12. A Group of Heroes save a man trapped under a car.
13. Woman saves cop during traffic stop.
14. Homeless Men Help Cop Subdue Violent Thief.

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