Friday, February 1, 2013

Cute and Funny Pics

18+ Sexy Pics

TV Series, Movies, and Stars

I have to admit it...I LOVE THIS SHOW :D Plenty of action, love and new points of views towards the paranormal race known as werewolves :D

This show has made me laugh more times then I can remember :) Plus it has plenty of action....and you can't forget the two hotties in the pic as well ;)

I really enjoy watching this show and I need to catch up on episodes. God, this show has made me cry, laugh and even yell at the screen -.0 tehehe.

I loved reading this series and I also enjoyed watching the movies. I must admit some parts bored me to death (movie wise) yet, in the end I loved the story line and characters :D

:O OMG, I LOVE Will :) He rocks in any movie/show. What can I say about Will? He is hot, sweet, very funny and seems to bring out the best scenes/parts in anything he stars in :D

I didn't really want to watch this series at first. It made me think of all of the other zombie movies out there...yet, I gave it a try :) and now I love it :D I am not good with remembering the character's names...since I haven't watched it in awhile, but I love the hillbilly, redneck, motorcycle riding sweety :D and I also think the black chick rocks :) She so....reminds me of an Amazon warrior :D

This movie still types my list as number one best movie EVER :D Everything about this movie rocked and kept me wanting more.

Black Ops 2

Well I know that's for sure....I would have never looked up there for someone 0.o LMFAO

ROFLMAO, WOW...that's one powerful fart :P

He may look cute, but when they are the other teams dogs -.- they kill you fast.

This is a bouncing Betty :) friends on Black Ops 2 call them :D Bouncing Becketts, roflmao.My BF's character name is Beckett and I don't have my own account I play on his ;) Tehehe.

OMG, I want this shirt :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

We Have A Gaming Family :)

Yup, that's what we are. If it is addicting then most likely we will be playing it, lmao. So far our main gaming list is:

1-Black Ops
4- Dead Isle

Lately everybody has been mainly playing Black Ops and Minecraft 0.o

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Did I make this blog?

:) I made this blog for fun. No you do not have to read anything I write here or on my pages, and do not have to comment if you don't wish to. Remember this is all for fun. My gaming tips are just tips from me, not a pro :P My thoughts that I post on the other pages are just that my thoughts and thats all.