Friday, February 1, 2013

TV Series, Movies, and Stars

I have to admit it...I LOVE THIS SHOW :D Plenty of action, love and new points of views towards the paranormal race known as werewolves :D

This show has made me laugh more times then I can remember :) Plus it has plenty of action....and you can't forget the two hotties in the pic as well ;)

I really enjoy watching this show and I need to catch up on episodes. God, this show has made me cry, laugh and even yell at the screen -.0 tehehe.

I loved reading this series and I also enjoyed watching the movies. I must admit some parts bored me to death (movie wise) yet, in the end I loved the story line and characters :D

:O OMG, I LOVE Will :) He rocks in any movie/show. What can I say about Will? He is hot, sweet, very funny and seems to bring out the best scenes/parts in anything he stars in :D

I didn't really want to watch this series at first. It made me think of all of the other zombie movies out there...yet, I gave it a try :) and now I love it :D I am not good with remembering the character's names...since I haven't watched it in awhile, but I love the hillbilly, redneck, motorcycle riding sweety :D and I also think the black chick rocks :) She so....reminds me of an Amazon warrior :D

This movie still types my list as number one best movie EVER :D Everything about this movie rocked and kept me wanting more.

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